Sicily is the largest island in Italy, divided from the mainland by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Sea. This pearl is waiting to be discovered through different excursions, between nature, history, art and folklore. The nature seems to have destined to this land its major wonders, like the volcanoes, the hills and the sea. Offering scenarios, smells and tastes so unique and intense that only an uncontaminated nature can offer.

Sicily is enriched by precious archaeological sites which tell us the ancient origins of the Trinacria. Don’t miss the many monuments, testimony of an art and a culture that has been created over several centuries. In Sicily you will find Baroque towns like Noto but also Greek cities dated the fifth century BC, like Agrigento. Crossroad of different civilizations, Sicily has inherited from each of them a piece of the mosaic that makes up the typical character of the people that live here. In ancient times Sicily was the center of a thriving civilization generated by Greek colonies. Cities like Syracuse, Catania, Gela and Agrigento were born, and in the fifth century BC the island was completely Hellenic.

With the Punic Wars, Rome completed the total conquest of the island. Eventually Sicily was invaded by the Vandals and Goths and later it was conquered by the Byzantines. In 827 it fell under the rule of the Arabs, who gave to Sicily a great economic boost. In 1072 the Normans founded their glorious reign, with the capital in Palermo. Followed the period of the Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese up to the Bourbons of Naples. These, in 1816 formed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Later, with the landing of the Thousand, which took place in Marsala in 1860, the island was united to the Kingdom of Italy.

Nature, art, history, folklore and a great culinary culture awaits you in Sicily, so what are you waiting for?
Come visit us and get lost in a multitude of sensations that only this wonderful land and Sicily Sensations can offer you.

Sicily (Aeolian Islands)