Terms and conditions

In this page, we specify the terms and conditions of the services offered by our association. Participants should read and accepted these terms at the time of booking.

1. Subscription

All participants in our tours will be members of the association Sicily Sensations, upon payment of the membership fee with no additional charges. The fee, as per our statute, excluding costs of administration and for the organization of activities, are used to pursue the objectives specified in our statutes (improvement and expansion of the association, activities designed to promote environmental education and protection of Natural Resources).

2. Insurance

Our association is covered by insurance which covers the association, guides and members participating in all the activities. Are excluded from the coverage the activities carried out by third parties and not directly by the staff of our association even if proposed within this website.

3. Reservations and payment

The booking requires a deposit unless the same is not required to take advantage of discounts. The membership fees may be paid to the association on the same day, it may be requested a fee in advance for activities that require a reservation of services provided by third parties (eg. Public catering, etc). Ask info.

4. Membership fees

The membership fees listed are per person and include the enrollment to our association, and services included in the tour descriptions. The association offers its members a transport service, free from our meeting point and from the zones specified by us. Transportation is only functional for the performance of tour of our association and we do not make any other types of transfer that are not related to leisure activities.

5. Code of conduct and releasing

The participants of the activities must respect the instructions given by their tour leader/guide while hiking and must not leave the group. It is assumed the knowledge of the information explained on the website, including the level of difficulty of the hike and recommended equipment. Those with special needs or physical pathologies of any kind are required to notify the trip leader/guide before the tour begins. The association will not be responsible for any result from failure of these elementary rules.

6. Changes by the organization

The trip leader/guide may decide, in case adverse weather conditions, volcanic dangers and for any other reasonable cause, to alter or cancel the whole excursion or tour arranged. Changes desired by one or more participants will be evaluated from the crew and when this involves additional expenses, it will be charged to the the requesting/s.

7. Cancellation

Participants who for whatever reason should cancel the booking are invited to contact us within two days. Only participants who had sent a deposit can withdraw from the booking always within 2 days from the date of the excursion without charges and reimbursement of fees paid.